Proof of certification must be presented prior to diving. This can be done with divers certification card . A dive log is also acceptable to show proof of dive experience.

A "refresher" dive is recommended for all divers who have not been diving in two years and over.

Exercise neutral buoyancy on all dives to prevent both coral and personal damage. Damage to the reef or removal of coral is considered an offence.

Have all personal dive gear checked before you travel on your dive vacation.

Even though our boats have some shade there is a possibility of some sun exposure so adding sun protection - sunscreen and towels to your "bring along list" would be a good idea.

Do not fly for at least 12 hours after diving. In some cases a 24 hour wait will be advisable. You may dive on the day of your arrival but it is best to wait until the next day.

A 15 foot safety stop is recommended on all dives.

Recommended Gratuity
The scuba diving business is a seasonal service industry, and although the general public is seldom aware of it, gratuities are a major part of a crew member’s salary. Few other recreational activities rely so heavily upon the professionals in charge for your enjoyment and safety. A gratuity of 15% is customary, but many leave more when they feel the service was above. If you are disappointed with the service, you should inform the Scuba Safaris' manager of your feelings right away so he/she may rectify the situation. Leave no more gratuity than you feel is right.