The Open Water Course incorporates the Scuba Diver Course, but goes further towards making you a truly accomplished diver. A little more theory work, including a more detailed introduction to the various effects of pressure at depth upon the diver, some more pool training, two further-and deeper-ocean dives, and a final exam complete the package. Your knowledge of dive equipment and its functions underwater is enhanced, as is your ability to maintain improved buoyancy and your understanding of safey for both yourself and your dive buddy.

Open Water certification is a stepping stone to becoming an Advanced Open Water Diver.Certification level for 60 feet.

Duration 3-5 days. Minimum age 10 year. Minimum Number 1 - Maximum Number 8.

PADI Open Water Diver Referral Program

Begin a course at home! This is a more popular way and allows guests more free vacation time and is called a "Referral" This entails your course work and preliminary pool classes completed prior to your arrival. Once here on Nevis all is needed is a referral letter showing all that you have completed and Scuba Safaris will complete your final 4 "open water dives" over a 2 day period.

Duration 2 half days. Min age 10yrs. Min number 1 - Max 8